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Hyundai Motor and Cisco Collaborate for Global Connected Car Project
No. 47522-04-2016409 hits
  • Collaboration will accelerate development of connected vehicle technologies
  • High-speed in-vehicle networks will transfer data faster than ever before
  • Innovations in advanced integrated technology will lead the connected car market


April 19, 2016 - Hyundai Motor Company is accelerating developments in connected car technology by collaborating with Cisco, a worldwide leader in IT and networking equipment. The cooperation is part of Hyundai Motor’s wider strategy to establish an industry-leading connected car platform through collaboration with leading technology partners.

Hyundai Motor will initially focus on the next generation of in-vehicle networks at the core of connected car technology, optimizing the transmission and reception of data within the vehicle. The technology will not only transmit and receive data faster, but also allow each subsystem inside the vehicle to communicate more effectively; this is essential to enabling future connected cars to incorporate the increasingly complex features that transfer ever-growing amounts of data in real time.

Hyundai Motor and Cisco will collaborate to create a testing environment for vehicle simulation. The companies will cooperate on basic research to thoroughly analyze the flow of data and verify new technologies for connected cars. Moreover, Hyundai Motor will invest in cloud, big data analytics and connected car security technologies, with huge investment in research and development.

“Future connected cars will open new innovations in quality, safety, and security, as never before. By expanding time and space, more safety will be guaranteed for our customers. Hyundai Motor will provide new values that go beyond our customers’ expectations in safety, quality and security through cooperating with Cisco. This collaboration will be a chance to bring closer the Hyundai Motor-led future of connected cars and shift paradigms of new mobility,” said Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor.

Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Euisun Chung and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins paid a visit to the startup that created the simulation testing environment for the connected car project in order to share and discuss the advancement in the research, and showed interest in fostering a startup-friendly environment.

“This is truly an exciting time to collaborate with Hyundai Motor. Digital disruption into the automotive industry is being driven by technologies that are creating new user experiences; and our leadership in the areas of connected vehicles, security, and large-scale communication technologies will be crucial to establishing an industry-leading platform. Cisco is honored to join efforts with Hyundai Motor on the Connected Car initiative, and to play our part in the automotive industry’s evolution,” said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

Hyundai Motor recently outlined its Connected Car Roadmap, introducing four main service fields as part of its “Hyper-connected Intelligent Cars” concept. The mid- to long- term development focus includes: smart remote maintenance service, autonomous driving, Smart Traffic, and connectivity Mobility Hub, all of which will benefit from continued R&D investment in the fields of in-vehicle networks, cloud and big data analytics and connected car security technologies.

Hyundai Motorsport Aims for Argentina Podium After Strong WRC Season Start
No. 47415-04-2016488 hits
  • Hyundai Motorsport set to continue its strongest start to a WRC season as the team returns to WRC Rally Argentina (April 21-24)
  • The team is aiming for its third podium finish with the New Generation i20 WRC, which has already shown good pace in the opening three rounds of the season
  • Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo will drive for Hyundai Shell World Rally Team, whilst Hayden Paddon will fly the Hyundai Mobis World Rally Team banner


April 15, 2016 - Hyundai Motorsport is looking to continue the positive start to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) season as the team takes on WRC Rally Argentina, the fourth event of the 2016 WRC season. Based in the lakeside resort of Villa Carlos Paz, Rally Argentina will take place from April 21 to 25 at 700km north-west of Buenos Aires.

The New Generation i20 WRC has already demonstrated its competitiveness in each of the three rounds of the Championship so far - in Monte Carlo, Sweden and Mexico - and the team will now target its first-ever podium in Argentina.

WRC Rally Argentina is a challenging event – Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo’s best results are both fifth-place finishes, achieved in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Thierry Neuville will take to the #3 New Generation i20 WRC with Dani Sordo in the #4 car, both crews competing under the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team banner. Hayden Paddon has only driven Argentina once before with Hyundai Motorsport and will line up in the #20 car for the Hyundai Mobis World Rally Team.

Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal Michel Nandan said: “We head to Argentina with a lot of momentum after our performances at the first three rallies of the year. We have two podiums and a fourth-place finish in those three events, so it is our best start to a year of WRC competition - we want to keep this going! Rally Argentina is a tough event that is well known for how hard it is on the cars as well as for the drivers, but we are confident with our New Generation i20 WRC. We will approach it with all of the experience our team has gained in previous years at the event. The whole team is very motivated to maintain our strong start to the season.”

Hyundai Motorsport will touch down in Argentina with considerable momentum after claiming its first back-to-back podium finishes in WRC with Thierry Neuville taking third in Monte-Carlo in January and Hayden Paddon finishing second in Sweden in February. This pair of podiums was then followed by Dani Sordo’s fourth place in Rally Mexico - a combination of results that makes for the Hyundai Motorsport’s strongest start since it entered WRC in 2014.

‘Euro 2016 is coming’: Hyundai Motor Invites Real Fans to UEFA EURO 2016™
No. 47315-04-2016583 hits
  • Hyundai Motor supports UEFA EURO 2016™ under its slogan ‘Real Fans First’
  • Online ‘Digital Fan Park’ launched for all fans to enjoy the fun of football
  • Fans can experience a variety of EURO 2016 events set up by Hyundai Motor


April 15, 2016 - Hyundai Motor is raising excitement ahead of EURO 2016 by launching a ‘Digital Fan Park’ and promoting its slogan ‘Real Fans First’. As an official partner of the eagerly anticipated international football competition, the ‘Real Fans First’ campaign demonstrates Hyundai Motor’s devotion to EURO 2016 and its dedication to enhance the experience for real football fans.

The innovative ‘Digital Fan Park’ is an interactive online space created for football fans that Hyundai Motor is sure will intensify their enjoyment of EURO 2016. To drum-up as much excitement and support as possible before the tournament, a series of video clips each entitled ‘Euro 2016 is coming’ will be uploaded on the online platform and various experiences will be offered within the ‘Digital Fan Park’.

“Hyundai Motor will operate an online community for football fans, who are actually the main stars of EURO 2016. We will spread Hyundai Motor’s philosophy of being a caring lifetime partner by putting Real Fans First during EURO 2016. The tournament is more than just a European competition, and we relish being able to enjoy the games with our customers all over the world,” said Scott Noh, Director of the Overseas Marketing Group.

The ‘Digital Fan Park’ will be available from April 15 to July 10 in more than 18 languages to fans in regions including Europe, Middle East and Latin America. The platform will run on Hyundai Motor’s worldwide website (

The ‘Digital Fan Park’ can be enjoyed by Hyundai Motor customers in a variety of ways. A ‘Real Fans Licence’ is awarded to passionate fans who upload pictures and messages to cheer for their national teams - the online campaign runs from April 15 to July 10. The first half of the activity begins on April 15 and runs to May 8, providing a total of 480 EURO 2016 tickets for football fans.

The second half of the campaign, running from May 9 to July 10, will award a Hyundai i20 to the lucky winner of a prize draw.

Moreover, fans who have EURO 2016 game tickets and those who participate in the first half of the ‘Real Fans Licence’ campaign can enter a raffle to be chauffeured to a match. The winners of a ‘Real Fans Chauffeur Licence’ will benefit from a Hyundai Tucson shuttle service from the airport to hotels and football stadiums in France. This service will be offered during the preliminary rounds of EURO 2016.

In addition to these campaigns, the ‘Real Fans Match Up’ is another online platform where fans can cheer for their national teams, potentially sharing the excitement on social media and inviting participation from friends. Moreover, fans can apply for test drives through country-specific Hyundai Motor websites and also participate in the ‘Be There With Hyundai’ campaign at

The online video clip ‘Euro 2016 is coming’ will be on the website from April 15. The video portrays a touching story of a boy who, let down after not being able to buy tickets to EURO 2016, is then able to enjoy the games with other football fans at the Hyundai Fan Park. The link to the video clip is as follows:

Hyundai Motor Group Announces Roadmap for Connected Car Development
No. 47205-04-2016765 hits
  • Roadmap will drive in-vehicle network, cloud, big data and connected car security innovation
  • Collaborations with global companies will accelerate development and bring new values and efficiencies to customers
  • Hyundai Motor will set new standards by introducing era of ‘Car to Life’ connectivity


April 5, 2016 - Hyundai Motor Group has presented its roadmap for connected car development, paving the way for new innovations in vehicle connectivity. Hyundai Motor Group will collaborate with leading global IT and networking companies to develop its ‘Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car’ concept, with research and development focused on bringing new values and efficiencies to the lives of customers.

Along with the roadmap, Hyundai Motor Group plans to embark on a new era of connecting the ‘Car to Life’, as cars are increasingly at the center of our lifestyles. This initiative will provide users with a hub of infinite knowledge, plus the ability to analyze and utilize all information to enhance owner’s lives. The ‘Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car’ goes beyond converging communications technology and the vehicle to become a ‘High-Performing Computer on Wheels’. This is a concept of connecting the car to other cars, the office and to the city. In other words, Hyundai will connect cars to life.

The roadmap outlines four main service fields that will help develop smarter, more intelligent cars that can receive and utilize data faster than ever before. The mid- to long- term development focus includes a range of key features, including: smart remote maintenance services, autonomous driving, Smart Traffic and a connected Mobility Hub that provides security and data management for all elements of the connected car.

More specifically, the smart remote maintenance service will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues before they become apparent. Autonomous driving provides utmost safety by connecting a vehicle to city and road infrastructure. Smart Traffic reduces congestion, speeds-up journeys and minimizes social costs by considering traffic and road conditions. Lastly, the connected Mobility Hub will feature a mobile hub with strong computing power to make daily life and interaction with the car and its surroundings smarter.

In the short- to mid-term, Hyundai Motor Group will concentrate on technologies related to smartphone connectivity and Smart Home Services, while establishing the core infrastructure that will provide the foundation for future developments. In order to incorporate increasingly complex features in its roadmap, Hyundai will prioritize early investment in these selected areas.

The main areas of R&D focus include in-vehicle networks for high-speed transfer of large amounts of data, and cloud technology to collect vehicle data and provide computing power. Hyundai will also research big data analytics that will allow large data sets to be used effectively, and it will invest in connected car security, essential for protecting the integrity of a complicated platform hosting varying technologies.

Hyundai Motor Group will bring the future of connected cars closer by co-developing connected car technologies through ‘Open Innovation’ collaborations with global companies. The connected car roadmap will concentrate on industry-leading research and development to foster new talents that will change the way customers interact with their cars and the world around them.

With previous experience in this field, Hyundai Motor Group has already established the Cloud system, which puts the core infrastructure of connected cars into place. Meanwhile, a group of data scientists have helped Hyundai Motor Group to specialize in data analytics since 2013. The company is utilizing big data in various areas to enhancing R&D and products, and also gathering customers’ opinions.

The car is the last frontier to bridge the missing link in future connected life. Hyundai Motor Group’s connected car roadmap will accelerate the development of new technologies that help place mobility at the center of customers’ lives.

Hyundai Motor Reports March 2016 Global Sales
No. 47104-04-2016725 hits
  • Hyundai Motor achieves global sales of 432,878 units in March
  • Sales figures in Korea increases by 7.2% and overseas markets show a decline by 2.2% YoY
  • Domestic sales maintains a steady increase with models such as Avante (Elantra) and Sonata while overseas sales decline slows as Europe perseveres sales increase


April 4, 2016 – Hyundai Motor, South Korea's largest automaker, reports its domestic and overseas sales results for March 2016.

Sales Results

- Global sales in March 2016 totals 432,878 units – a decrease of 0.9% YoY.
- IONIQ Hybrid becomes the best-selling hybrid car in Korea this month reaching a total of 1,250 units in domestic sales.
- Genesis and G90 (EQ900 in Korea) showed total sales of 6,859 units in Korea in March.

Breakdown of Overseas Shipment


- Despite sales of Tucson and Sonata continuing at a brisk pace in the U.S. due to appealing design and performance to customers, sales of the All-new Elantra awaits to regain momentum as it has just been released in the U.S. market.
- Czech Plant posts positive shipment figures as crossover model Tucson gain popularity in the European market.
- Sales figure reveals a solid performance in India as Grand i10 sales shows strong growth.
- China Plant monthly sales figure recovers due to strengthened sales promotions nationwide.

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